Websites Builder

Whether you’re building a website to show off your portfolio or setting up a store to sell anything from cookies to  glasses, we can do it all with Websites + Marketing. This powerful, all-in-one builder with integrated marketing is designed to help your business grow.

How it Works

  1. Pick a template to start your site or store.
  2. Add your content, products and business info.
  3. Use built-in marketing to let people know you’re open for business.
  4. Manage everything — reviews, orders, social media, Business Listings, On page and offpage SEO.
  5.  Premium Plugins and Themes. –  Features — store add-ons, SEO, appointments — as you need ‘

What’s included with your website?

  • Email and social media marketing
  • One-time appointments
  • PayPal payments
  • SSL certificate to keep your site secure
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Branded content creation 
  • Unlimited Updates
  • SEO On page and Offpage
  • 1000’s Premium WordPress Themes

Upgrades when you’re ready for more.


  • Connect a custom domain
  • Offer flexible shipping options
  • Get Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Set up recurring appointments
  • Add a full-featured online store
  • Get email and text appointment reminders
  • Sell on Amazon, eBay and Etsy
  • Accept online payments for services
  • List products for free on Google Shopping
  • Sync orders and inventory across channels


Website Templates Built for Brilliant Ideas

Launch your idea with one of our elegant modern designs. 

Koretailelectronicstemplate Desktopportrait 1


Simple Store (dark)

Create a sleek and simple shopping experience with this one-page template featuring dark hues and an easily accessible shop and contact form.


Koretailsinglepage Desktopportrait 1


Simple Store (light)

With an airy contemporary feel, this easy to use single page layout puts the focus on your products and gets your business online fast.


Kocosmeticstemplate Desktop

Beguile (light)

Make your products pop with this elegant template designed to help small images make a big impact.


Beguile (dark)

A black background with white accents gives your content a dramatic debut, while a strategic layout shines a spotlight on small images.

Kofashionfashiontemplate Desktop

Factory (dark)

Create a bold first impression with this template featuring oversized images, bold typography and dynamic hover effects.


Kofashionshoestemplate Desktop

Factory (light)

Start selling fast with this light, image-focused template featuring engaging hover effects and endless opportunities to showcase products.



Shift focus to your products with this crisp design featuring bold calls to action that entice visitors to shop your site.

Koartgallerytemplate1 Desktop

Dimzel Studios

Showcase more of your work with multiple carousel galleries, opening up a world of opportunities for customers to make a purchase.


Designercomingsoon Desktop



Let fans be the first to know you’re releasing something new with this elegant template featuring an email signup form and built-in Instagram feed.

Kohairstylisttemplate Desktop


Add product sales to your service business with this eye-catching template that combines appointment booking and shopping into one seamless experience.


Kolifecoachtemplate Desktop


Jody Mistrel

Display your digital products on a backdrop of clean lines and purposeful pops of color that drives people’s attention right where you want it.


Kogardenblog Desktop


Jeri Braton

Give your audience a place to learn more about you with this fresh template featuring an integrated blog and product callouts.


Kopersonaltraintertemplate Desktop



Give people a way to easily tap your expertise with a modern, image-centric template that makes buying your digital downloads easy.





Build anticipation with this crisp, modern template that lets you showcase a single product for upcoming releases.


Kohealthmarkettemplate Desktop



Show, don’t tell, with this rustic design that puts your story at the forefront with a prominent, top-page video feature.


Koartsandcrafts Desktop


Graduate from Etsy to your own online store with this bold, ultramodern design that shows customers more of who you are.


Kofashiondesigner2 Desktop



Entice Instagram fans to tap over to your online store with this modern template featuring oversized, shop-worthy images.


Kobookstoretemplate Desktop



Bring your business online with this vibrant design featuring front-page product callouts and curbside pickup.


Retailcandles Desktop



This elegant template uses an image-centric layout and front-page gallery to highlight your products from every angle.


Kogiftshoptemplate Desktop


Jump right into more sales with this straightforward template that drives focus directly to your products.


Kocomingsoonbttemplate Desktop



Build anticipation with this dreamlike, animated, one-page template that tells visitors to check back soon.


Koretailbtsubscriptiontemplate Desktop


Happy Fox

Vivid colors and oversized headlines inject personality into your brand, while a simple layout and email sign-up ignite interaction.


Kopersonalblogtemplate Desktop

Emily Moon

A delicate, content-first design encourages shopping for digital products like ebooks, while blog article previews captivate viewers.


Kocharitablenonprofittemplate Desktop


Club Mission

Encourage people to rally around your cause with this neat template featuring a clear call to action, streamlined navigation and an impactful layout.


Kocphotography1 Desktop


Stefan Girard

Workshops, portfolios and online appointment scheduling gives your photography site design an edge over the competition.


Kocmusic4 Desktop


Gaze and Rest

Keep the music playing with a template created for selling merch, showing tour dates and showcasing the latest tracks.


Kobizrealestateagenttemplate Desktop


Elite Living

Sophisticated colors and oversized images transform listings into dreams, while IDX property search and Zillow reviews make them reality.


Kosportsshopandrentaltemplate Desktop



Adrenaline-inducing, full-bleed images allude to adventure, while smooth buttons and prominent sales features urge shoppers to make a move.


Koconsltconsultingtemplate Desktop



This sleek design inspires confidence with ample white space and streamlined navigation that make it easy for people to book your services.


Kobeautyhairextensionstemplate Desktop



With online appointments, integrated testimonials and links to social media and review sites, this  edgy design takes your business up a notch.

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